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Agent Management

New Era Institute will appoint Agents to be non-exclusive representatives and to perform services under the terms set out in an Education Agent Agreement.

Each Agreement will be a non-exclusive Agreement and the Agent acknowledges that New Era Institute may appoint other representatives as it so chooses.

To protect our students, New Era Institute will ensure each Agent is aware of the requirements of the Migration Act 1958, ESOS Act (2000) and the National Code (2018) and the Agent will undertake to comply with all regulatory and statutory requirements under any signed Agreement.

The specific requirements of New Era Institute and the Agent will be contained in an written agreement signed by both parties.

At New Era Institute, we believe in a lasting partnership with valued agencies and individuals that share our vision for quality education and excellence in student services.

New Era Institute value the work that our educational agents do to help promote us around the world.

We are seeking to expand our network and promote New Era Institute quality educational services to prospective onshore and offshore students.

Below is New Era Institute’s Education Agent List. Please click on the link to download the list.

New Era Institute Education Agent List

As a registered training organisation, we specialise in:

As we grow, we will offer a range of other courses. For more information on becoming an Education Agent of New Era Institute, please feel free to CONTACT US or complete the Education Agency Registration form and forward it to us.
Note: All the latest New Era Institute marketing materials (brochures and course information) and fees and charges are available on this website and they are consistently updated.

New Era Institute - Education Agent Marketing Resources

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