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Value Statements

The owners, staff and support personnel share a common set of values that guides New Era Institute in fulfilling its mission and vision. These values influence New Era Institute’s actions, guide decisions, shape the institute’s policies, and determine the long term strategic plans.

Excellence in Education and Training. New Era Institute is dedicated to excellence in education by providing: A highly competent, innovative, and supportive training and assessor team; a strong student support team and effective and efficient contract staff and industry partners to support the infrastructure; facilities equipped with current technology; quality vocational programs; and integrity and high standards in training, learning, and service.

Accessibility and Achievement. New Era Institute is committed to access and affordability of vocational training for all enrolled students and the delivery of training, education and support services that will enable students to achieve their individual educational goals in skill and knowledge acquisition, courses, or qualification completion.

Respect for Diversity. New Era Institute values intellectual and cultural diversity. New Era Institute believe that all individuals should have an opportunity to learn and succeed in the classroom, in the workplace, and in the community and encourage a diverse student body through open admission and delivery of educational services that support student success.

Accountability.  New Era Institute is committed to efficient and effective management of human and financial resources: compliance to the standards for Registered Training Organisations and that will maintain Federal and State governmental organisations’ trust and ensure a fiscally responsible, sustainable environment for the institution.

Quality of Work Environment. New Era Institute values each member of our community; promotes free, open and responsible exchange of ideas; fosters respect, trust, and support among all its staff, contractors, industry partners, and students through effective governance; encourages ethical risk-taking and innovation; recognises exceptional performance and contributions made to our dynamic training and learning environment.

Contribution to Community and Economic Development. New Era Institute is committed to serving the academic, occupational, and developmental needs of the communities the training courses operate in; enhancing a quality of life for all; and supporting economic development through effective business and industry partnerships and collaborations.

Commitment to the Future. New Era Institute is dedicated to continuous evaluation of its operations in order to address the needs of the present and the challenges of the future.