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Pyeongtaek University - Korea

Pyeongtaek University
(평택대학교, 平澤大學校) is a private research university located in Pyeongtaek, South Korea.

Pyeongtaek University was established in 1912 in the spirit of truth, justice and service.
It is a school of youth, and yet a place where tradition lives on.
Pyeongtaek University is a prominent school of higher learning that was founded according to the Biblical values and principles.
Its educational goals are to foster leaders who are democratic, intellectual, educated and creative.
This is a specialized university that maintains exchange programs with schools overseas.
New Era Institute is the first Australian educational institution that Pyeongtaek University has established for educational collaboration.

New Era Institute and Pyeongtaek University Roles

The collaboration between New Era Institute and Pyeongtaek University (평택대학교, 平澤大學校) has been designed so that New Era Institute delivers and assesses the following Early Childhood Education and Care qualifications in Sydney, Australia and includes work placement in its affiliated  as part of the course:

Pyeongtaek University’s (평택대학교, 平澤大學校) role in the collaborative process is to enrol students from their programmes.
International students enrolling through Pyeongtaek University (평택대학교, 平澤大學校) are required to meet the standard New Era Institute  enrolment criteria.