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The letter of offer is conditional until all other documents stated on the letter of offer are provided. Once New Era Institute has received all the documents. Students are required to make the payment stated on the letter of offer. (See terms & conditions below)
Signed International Student Acceptance Agreement must be submitted with the payment of the fees requested on the letter of offer to New Era Institute nominated Bank account. Bank transfer confirmation must be provided with the Signed International Student acceptance agreement via email admissions@newerainstitute.edu.au, in person or by post to New Era Institute.
Payment to be made online www.newerainstitute.edu.au/paynow/ by cheques, EFT direct Bank deposit, PayPal or credit card – American Express is NOT accepted. A processing fee of 1.75 % applies if you pay by Credit Card/PayPal.
Please make cheques payable to ‘New Era Institute’. Personal cheques are not acceptable
Please provide student full name and student ID as reference for EFT direct bank deposit.


Fees and charges

  • On accepting the letter of Offer, 1st payment is 50% of total tuition fees and an enrolment fee of AUD$ 300 (nonrefundable) and a Learning Resources fee including textbook of AUD$ 1000. This payment is due before the commencement of the course (upon signing the international student acceptance agreement).
  • Tuition fees and charges must be paid and payment confirmation must be provided in order to obtain an eCoE and to secure a place prior to course commencement date.
  • The balance of the tuition fees is scheduled to be paid as per the Tuition Instalment schedule. The tuition fee must be paid by the due date. If tuition fees are not paid by the due date, a late fee of 10% per instalment will occur.
  • Tuition fees must only be paid to New Era Institute. New Era Institute will not be responsible for any fees paid to an agent or third party. Tuition fees only cover the charges for tuition. Tuition fees DO NOT cover the charges for accommodation placement, airport pickup, transport, living expenses, textbooks, stationery, and equipment. Individual payment plans can be organised upon request on an individual student basis.
  • In competency based assessment, the student will always be offered two (2) re-assessment opportunities as part of the course fees for each assessment event during a unit. Students will be charged a fee for any further reassessments for each assessment event during a unit. This fee is to cover the cost of guiding the student toward competence. The re-assessment service includes individual guidance to prepare the student for the reassessment. Re-assessment fee is $100 per submission.
  • Note: There is a charge of $250:
    To issue another COE (Changes in COE) when the student defers.
  • For more information, refer to Fees and Charges available on New Era Institute Website www.newerainstitute.edu.au under Student Services.


Students are required to submit all tasks on or before the prescribed due dates. Students who are continually falling behind in the submission of assessments will be required to meet with the Management/Academic team. Any resubmitted assessments sent to New Era Institute after the course end date will not be marked and a Statement of Attainment will be issued for completed units only. Resubmission of Assessments may occur additional charges.
More information is available on New Era Institute Website www.newerainstitute.edu.au under Student Services.


The student agrees and acknowledges that New Era Institute shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever in the respect of any injury, loss or damage arising from the student’s participation in or attendance at New Era Institute or excursions or other activities arranged by New Ere Institute whether or not such injury, loss or damage arises from the intentional or negligent acts or omission of any employee, agent or student of New Era Institute.


  1. Student Default applies in the case where the course starts on the agreed start date but the student does not start on the agreed start date and has not previously withdrawn from the course or advised of visa cancellations in writing within an agreed time period prior to the course start date or the student cancels or withdraws from the course either before or after the agreed starting date. The following refund conditions apply.
    • 100% refund of tuition fees paid and learning resources fee paid if the student visa was refused by DHA. (Enrolment fee is non-refundable) plus $250 NEI admin & banking processing fee
    • 30% refund of tuition fees paid and learning resources fees paid applies if the student cancels 28+ days before the course starts. (Enrolment fee is non-refundable)
    • 20% refund of tuition fees paid and learning resources fees paid applies if the student cancels within 28 days (Enrolment fee is non-refundable)
    • zero% refund of all fees paid applies if the student cancels after the course commencement date
      NOTE: In cases where visa refusal was a result of fraudulent, forged document(s) or misleading information, all fees paid will be forfeited and no refund will be considered under any circumstances.
      The agreed starting date is the date the course was scheduled to start or a later date agreed between New Era Institute and the student.
  2. New Era Institute will make a refund in Australian Dollars only within 28 days of receiving a written claim by the student in accordance with the Terms and Conditions as outlined in this Enrolment Form.
  3. All refund considerations will be strictly limited to the fees which New Era Institute has actually received from the student. The following items are not refunded:
    – Enrolment fee
    – Bank charges
    – Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
    – Accommodation and other domestic services that cannot be offset by providing the services to someone else
  4. New Era Institute will make the refund available to either the student or the student’s representative as identified in the Enrolment Form as per the ESOS Act Regulation 3.19.
  5. When students are enrolled in package courses, in the event of a cancellation or withdrawal, a refund will be granted on the second course (treated as an independent course) as per the conditions above in point 1. If the student cancels or withdraws after the course commencement date of the first course, no refund of tuition fees will be made to any student who withdraws after the commencement date of a single course with New Era Institute, or the first course within a packaged course composed of two or more New Era Institute courses. Refer to Fees and Charges available on www.newerainstitute.edu.au under Student Services.
  6. Tuition fees and other charges are not transferable to another student or institution.
  7. Personal insurance and student expenses are not included in the fees quoted and are the responsibility of the student.

In signing this International Student Enrolment Form, you agree that you have read and understood:

The Terms and Conditions of Enrolment and the course details and accept and agree to be bound by them;

  • I have the financial capacity to meet tuition fees and other charges and agree to pay all tuition fees and charges as they become due.
  • I declare that I will abide by the Policies, Procedures and expectations of New Era Institute;
  • I declare that I will notify NEI by email of any change of my contact details;
  • I understand that I am required to have a Unique Client Identifier (USI) which I can obtain from http://usi.gov.au In the event that I do not get my own USI, I give permission for New Era Institute to obtain my USI and I am required to activate this through the USI portal http://usi.gov.au
  • I understand that information in this form and the outcomes of this training program may be collected and shared with other state and federal government agencies; This information on this form may be used for monitoring, program planning and statistical purposes;
  • I understand that assessments need to be regularly submitted to ensure successful progression through the course;
  • I understand that in the event that my enrolment is terminated any further submissions of assessments will not be marked and a Statement of  attainment will be issued for those units in which I have demonstrated competence;
  • New Era Institute has permission to use any photographic and/or video image in which I may appear on marketing and advertising materials with signed consent;
  • The information provided in the International Student Enrolment Form and any accompanying documents are my own, true and correct details.